Guidestar training is a leading provider of services and solutions for people with Neurodiversities and disabilities that include Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Mild Autism, Hearing impairments and Mental Health issues in the workplace.
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Tailored training sessions (To meet your needs)

Guidestar prides itself on it's comprehensive training sessions. We understand our clients needs and offer sessions to grow and elevate people in the workplace, helping to inspire change. By understanding our clients needs we are able to tailor our sessions to suit everyone. Click below to find out more about our specialist sessions. 

Technical training

We offer technical training on various assistive technology platforms. By utilising and adopting modern technology we elevate users and provide a platform for them to grow. Our understanding has been built up through many years of experiance and we can show users how to develop and achieve. Click below for more information.

Software solutions
(Assistive technology)

Assistive technology can be used to break-down and overcome work based challenges. Guidestar offers a comprehensive list of solutions that can meet any requirement, inspiring and elevating users in the workplace and providing them the tools for natural growth. Click below to see what services we can offer. 

(Work Based)

Through our network of trained assessors, Guidestar provides private work based assessments to identify and recommend any potential solutions for a wide range of issues. Through effective understanding we can tailor and recommend the correct support to inspire effective change. Click below to see how we can help you. 


              About Us:
We are a specialist provider of services and solutions that enables anyone to achieve their true potential. 

Our aim is to break down barriers and create an inclusive workplace that elevates, inspires and provides personal growth. This is done through a combination of specialist sessions and services that help clients gain and hone their skills. Through this they are able to achieve and retain employment. 

Trained local assessors
A wide range of solutions
A focus on helping others

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We provide the best possible platform to elevate and allow employees to achieve their true potential.

Guidestar covers nationally, both in person or remotely to ensure we can offer our services directly to those who need it. Our team of dedicated assessors are based throughout the country to ensure that there is always support in an area that requires it. Our philosophy of inspiring change could not be achieved without our large network of assesors and offerings. 

Our Mission Statements :

To provide comprehensive bespoke training that elevates our clients


To empower clients with the knowledge that will shape their future pathway and development to success


To provide a quality inclusive service that meets regulatory standards


To take an individualised and tailored approach to personal development


To create an inclusive learning environment that provides an innovative and exciting business experience

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